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Legal Notice:  Fixed is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.  All legal services are provided by Lawgix Lawyers, LLC and affiliates.

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You Have Questions

We Have Answers

Who is my Attorney? 

​All attorneys hired through Fixed are employed by or affiliated with the law firm of Lawgix Lawyers, LLC.   

I missed my hearing date, can anything be done?

Again, that depends on where your ticket was issued and how long it’s been.   It’s free to have us take a look, so snap away and send it in.   We’ll help you figure out what, if anything, can be done.

Is it mandatory that I appear in court?

If you intend to fight the charges outright the answer is yes, definitely.   It’s impossible for us to put on a defense without you as the witness.

If, on the other hand, you want the attorney to simply negotiate the fine and/or points associated with the citation, then your presence may not be necessary. This depends totally on the state/county/judge in which your case is being heard.   Court rules vary and you will need to check with your attorney before making the decision to not appear in court.

Something is incorrect or misspelled on my ticket. Does that increase the chances of my ticket being dismissed?

Probably not.   Simple clerical mistakes are not usually enough to overcome the facts of the case.   It is the prosecutor’s job to establish that you 1) violated the law and 2) were the person who violated the law.   They can use a number of different sources of evidence to establish those facts (like the officer’s testimony or report).  Your attorney will be able to assess the facts of your case and help you identify any defenses that are available to you. 

My Court date is very soon (less than 7 days) will you be able to handle it in time?

We may be able to get one of our attorneys to take the case on such short notice. However, we’ll confirm that we are able to cover the court appearance before soliciting payment.

Note: There will be a $50 upcharge for hearing dates that are less than a week from the date a ticket was submitted (with all appropriate information and documentation sent through the Fixed platform if applicable).   Please contact us immediately after submitting your information so that we can arrange payment and get to work.   If we can’t coordinate an attorney to appear in time, we will attempt to request a continuance from the court.

Do I need to appear in court? 

For non-criminal traffic offenses, this depends on the state where you live.   Check the state-specific traffic page for your state on our website for general guidelines.  Regardless of your state, you will most certainly need to appear if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or other criminal charge.   As always, it’s best to speak with your attorney about this in advance of your hearing.   

If you want to attend your court hearing, you are ALWAYS welcome to do so. 

Do I only pay if the ticket is dismissed? 

No.   You pay a flat, upfront fee for attorney representation.   The fee is not contingent on the outcome of the case. 

Do I need to speak with my attorney before the court date?

Not necessarily. Your attorney will reach out if he/she has questions or needs further clarification. Don't get nervous if you haven't heard from your attorney. That most likely means that your attorney has all the information he/she needs. As always, you can send an email to hello@fixedlaw.com if you have concerns.

What's the win rate?

This varies widely based on your state, county, and court.   The attorneys at Lawgix Lawyers are pretty good at getting a better outcome than doing nothing at all.   With that said, the judge, prosecutor, officer, and charges that you’re facing also play a big role in your odds of beating the ticket or reducing the fines/points.   (In other words, it’s impossible to say in a place like this F.A.Q.   The best thing to do is to speak to your attorney once they’re on board.)

When is my attorney assigned?

Lawgix Lawyers will assign an attorney to your case within 48 hours of you signing the engagement letter and paying the attorney fee. The initial attorney assigned is typically a managing attorney for your state, and not necessarily the attorney who will appear for you in court.   As soon as that attorney is assigned, you’ll know (it’s usually a week or two before your first hearing date that requires an appearance).

I received a letter in the mail from the court, is everything being handled?

Yes, most likely you received the information because courts typically send copies of everything to all parties involved (including you, even if you’ve hired an attorney).   The best thing to do is to snap a picture of it and send it in to us - through the mobile app, website, or email.   We’ll put it in your file and pass it along to your attorney.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No. The Fixed service is free, so we don’t have any money to give back!   As for the attorney’s fees, most states prohibit attorneys from offering anything like a money back guarantee on criminal matters (often including traffic offenses).   So the answer there is no, too.   

We will certainly refund your money if you decide that you don’t want the attorney to proceed (so long as nothing has been filed with the court).   

Will my ticket be dismissed?

The overwhelming majority of attorney contested traffic violations result in reduced or no points on the defendant’s record and a lower fine. Very rarely are tickets dismissed completely.

Will I keep the option of Traffic School?

Yes, in almost all cases, you will keep the option to take traffic school even if you choose to contest your ticket.   But like all things in the law, that’s not always the case and varies by state, so check with your attorney as soon as they are on board.   We will always refund your fees if you choose not to proceed with contesting your ticket (as long as you tell us BEFORE we file anything with the court). 

If I want/need to speak with my attorney, how do I reach him or her?

We’re working on an online chat feature for the Fixed site, but in the meantime, the best way is to send an email (it’s not 1989!).   Please email hello@fixedlaw.com and we’ll forward it on to the state managing attorney in your state who will reach out to you.